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Kelly moved to Chilliwack from Guelph Ontario where she studied Health Sciences, Registered Massage Therapy and Osteopathy.  For the past fifteen years Kelly worked for the Health and Performance Centre at the University of Guelph.  Here she ran both the Massage and Osteopathy departments.


Kelly’s current plan is to continue working as a Registered Massage Therapist with RMTBC while studying at the Canadian School of Osteopathy Vancouver - It is Kelly’s goal to move her Osteopathy license from Ontario to BC.


With Kelly’s extensive skills and experiences, she is looking forward to working with cases that have had little or no luck resolving. As well as new injuries. Her background has been with elite athletes, but she is interested in all the weekend warriors and interesting cases too.


When Kelly isn’t working she loves to spend time with her family, mountain biking, snowboarding and enjoying the mountain life to its fullest.



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Kelly Witherow

Registered Massage Therapist